Complex value-added chains comprising producers, industry and suppliers, as well as extremely intense competition on local, digital, national and international level have intensively accelerated once again in the last year. The transformation of business processes towards digitalisation and multi-channel focus is more dynamic than ever.

Retail is one of the most complex and fastest changing sectors. Online selling as a driver of growth is forcing further omni-channel strategies from classic retailers. Contactless payment systems, differentiated shopper behaviour, internationalisation, etc. are leading to newly defined roles in the value-added chain – opportunities for image creation.

Industry Segments:

  • Food retail
  • Fresh produce wholesale
  • Specialist retail (Furniture trade, Organic, etc.)
  • E-Commerce

In the future, it will no longer be sufficient to just be digital somehow or to create experiences. Retail concepts must be completely scrutinised and rethought. Online and offline, it is about showing personality and creatively simplifying shopping processes and creating seamless links along the constantly changing shopper cycle.

Reference Positions:

  • Regional Manager Retail
  • Branch Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Head of Purchasing
  • Head of Online Marketing/E-Commerce