Consumer Goods

The current challenges for the consumer goods industry are immense, multi-faceted and complex. Digitalisation and the development of megaportals have accelerated the changes in the Consumer & Retail industry in recent years and have contributed to further internationalisation of the sales and procurement markets and, thus, the competitive pressure.

Industry consolidation and high concentration in classic retail, the continuous expansion of e-commerce and the omni-channel strategies continue to ensure fierce price competition, high levels of price transparency and growing pressure on the earning situation of consumer goods manufacturers, also driven by capital markets. At the same time, omni-channel retail strategies open up new opportunities with expansive, international sales channels.

Industry Segments:

Consumer Goods Food:
Beverages, Fresh Produce, Confectionery, Basic Foodstuffs, Cereals, Convenience, etc.


Consumer Goods Non-Food:
Toiletries and Consumer Health, Household items, Animal Food, Toys, Electronics, Furniture, etc.

Consumer shopping preferences and needs change, social trends such as health, organic, vegan and convenience increase the demands on product development and shorten product life cycles. One of the most central management challenges is to attract and retain managers who can best and most appropriately manage this transformation process for their company.

Reference Positions:

  • Sales Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Senior Key Account Manager E-Commerce
  • Shopper Marketing Manager