Construction/Skilled Craft

The craftsmanship and construction industry are part of the backbone of the German economy and have been experiencing a continuous economic upswing for years. In view of the high demand in the housing sector, modernization of producing companies, expansion of infrastructure in energy supply and electromobility, etc., the future prospects remain very good. However, significant interest rate hikes, rising energy costs as well as supply bottlenecks and the associated cost increases are currently a limiting factor of economic growth.

Currently, major challenges in the construction and craftsmanship industry are the great shortage of skilled workers, digitalization (BIM) of processes as well as requirements regarding sustainability in real estate development, management of construction projects, customer interaction and internal process optimization.

Industry Segments:

  • Technical Building Services – Electrical Engineering, Sanitary&Heating
  • Painting Work/Interior Design
  • Building Construction
  • Window and Facade Construction
  • Building Protection (concrete restoration and floor coating)
  • Fire & Water damage repair
  • Project Development

The shortage of skilled workers in Construction and Skilled Craft is still omnipresent and is slowing down further growth potentials and technical developments. The demands regarding the qualification of managers in this dynamic market segment are constantly increasing, including the commercial and also the legal expertise of division and project managers or digital expertise in company or division management. Attracting effective managers with the best business training and retaining them is an essential factor for business success.

Reference Positions:

  • General Manager Window Construction
  • Head of Division Technical Building Equipment
  • Regional Head of Painting Services
  • Senior Project Manager Electrical Engineering
  • Technical / Commercial Director
  • Head of Project Development
  • CFO